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Nerida Walker is the mother of four miracle children: Kaitlin, Aidan, and twins, Aaron and Jesse. In 1994, Nerida’s husband Shaun was diagnosed as sterile, but through the truth in God’s Word they conceived and had four children, within four and a half years. Based on her own experience, and with a passion to help others struggling through infertility, Nerida co-founded New Life Ministries – Bringing life to Barrenness a non-denominational Christian ministry catering to couples who need prayer, encouragement, and the knowledge of God’s will in any area of childbearing. *New Life Ministries is a ministry of RIVER Christian Church.

Nerida is also the author of three books 1) God’s Plan for Pregnancy, a book detailing the truth in God’s Word regarding all areas of childbearing. It was written for couples needing truth and encouragement in the areas of infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy, birth and postnatal issues. The book is accompanied by 2) God’s Plan for Pregnancy – Pocket Companion – a practical guide to help you to mix God’s Word with faith and to act on what you believe, so you can see the power of God released in your life to change your natural circumstances. Nerida also wrote 3) It is Finished, a book that focusses on experiencing Jesus finished work in every area of life.

In Nerida’s heart is a passion to see believers living in the fullness of their salvation in every area, and to cross the line from barrenness and miscarriage into fruitfulness, from sickness and disease into health, and from lack into the abundance of all God has provided. Nerida has seen many come to know Jesus, and many believers fall in love with Him all over again, being healed and transformed by the power of God in every area of their lives.

Nerida is also a Senior Pastor alongside her husband Shaun, at River Christian Church at Tuggerah on the Central Coast of NSW

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