Redefining God's Sovereignty and Prayer

Discover how God's Sovereignty does not mean every answer to Prayer is already pre-determined or in God's total control.

Unfortunately there is so much confusion and mis-understanding of the Sovereignty of God and how that outworks in our lives today. Have you heard the phrase "God will do what He wants to do and when He wants to do it because He is Sovereign?" If this is the truth then why would Jesus encourage us to pray if everything is already pre-determined OR in God's total control?

In this message you will discover the simple truth of what the Sovereignty of God is and how through understanding this can help you to know God's will in all situations in life and equip and empower you in your prayer life!

Note: This Message is a part of our New Covenant Prayer Series. Listed Below are all the Audio Messages in this 10 part series that will help you to transform your prayer life!

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